ILiveLife (I.L.L.)

ILiveLife is a business that makes everyone aware of the importance of living life to the fullest. We raise money for teenage cancer by selling ILiveLife apparel. There will be a scholarship set up for survivors of teenage cancer, we will be holding events such as 5k runs and having Greek Life fraternities and sororities pick up I Live Life as their philanthropy. As a thirteen year cancer survivor, I know firsthand that it is a tough road full of setbacks and hurdles trying to keep you down, but know that by living the ILiveLife lifestyle or philosophy that you do not have to let the setbacks keep you back. That is why I came up with the acronym I.L.L. ILiveLife is the motto, lifestyle, and brand that reminds everyone to stop complaining that there is nothing to do or that nothing is going right, get up off the couch and be ILL. Have fun, take risks, do awesome to be awesome, work hard and play hard. Buying ILiveLife apparel and supporting the cause is awesome and really helps out. JimboSports.com is where everyone can share their story!

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